Examples of Conference Presentations since 2000

September 2008: ”Gender, Work and Health: exploring the critical link in later life”, British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference, Bristol

June 2008: ”Older Men, Work and Health: exploring the critical link”, Age Concern Cymru conference, Cardiff

May 2008: ”Gender and alcohol misuse: cultural symbols or biology”, Gender and Access to Health Services Expert Symposium, London.

April 2008: ”Reducing health inequalities through improving men’s access to pharmacy”, UK Public Health association Annual Conference, Liverpool.

January 2008: ”Older Men Work and Health”, Help the Aged, TAEN and SPARC Seminar, London.

September 2007: ”The minute I get my trainers on I feel like dancing’: An evaluation of “Ageing Well in England and Wales”, British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference, Sheffield.

May 2006: ”Increasing public confidence in our hospitals as clean and safe: information, communication and engagement”, The Patient’s Association Summit: ‘Cleaner Hospitals – Safer Healthcare’, London

April 2005: ”Why do we need Health Trainers”, Plenary session at UK Public Health Association Annual conference, Newcastle-upon – Tyne, UK

November 2004: ”The Gap Years: An action plan to improve health of people in midlife and beyond”, Expert meeting on ‘ Media Competence and Knowledge Management – Resources for women’s health in midlife and beyond’ – Cologne, Germany, Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA)

September 2003: ”Which way now for the Baby Boomers and Healthy Ageing”, Chair of Symposium at Annual Conference of the Society of British Gerontology

March 2003: ”Pilot projects and mainstreaming”, Workshop at UK Public Health Association Annual conference

June 2002: ”Translating public policy into practice”, at ‘Linking health promoting programmes with public policies’, International Union for Health Promotion and Education European Conference, London

June 2000: ”Building Healthy Communities through Intergenerational Networks”, at ‘Rural Aging: A global Challenge’, Charleston, West Virginia, US.

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