An expert evaluation company supporting sustainability
and replication of ‘what works’

Gillian Granville Associates is a national company based in London that carries out evaluation activities of complex social programmes. We specialise in a Theory of Change Evaluation methodology that uses a realist approach to understand what works, for which groups of people and in what particular circumstances. Most importantly we explore why certain activities produce particular outcomes and what drives those changes.

We are committed to developing a culture of learning within organisations and to build the capacity and capability of front line and senior staff to reflect on and self-evaluate their work. We do this through using practical tools and facilitating action learning approaches.

Dr Gillian Granville is the Director and is supported by a network of associates. Gillian brings to evaluation projects an academic rigour and a keen understanding of the role of national, regional and local policy and politics in driving change. Her experience in service improvement ensures she designs evaluations that support innovation, sustainability and replication of what works.

We have delivered a number of evaluations across complex systems in areas such as health and health inequalities, domestic abuse, women offenders, young offenders and those at risk of offending, community cohesion, intergenerational activities, ageing and life course development and volunteers’ health and wellbeing.

Our work is underpinned by a commitment to improve health inequalities, enable social inclusion and promote social justice through providing evidence of what brings about effective change in people’s lives.